Pacific Bay Resort


Pacific Bay Resort is committed to practicing sound environmental activities at all times. In all of our 140 acres only 10 acres will be developed. The remaining 130 acres will be left to the wildlife, untouched. We have been extremely careful throughout the course of our development thus far, and will continue. Pacific Bay Resort is the perfect getaway for the environmentally conscious traveler.

By educating ourselves, we work to preserve, protect and coexist with the beautiful and functional Panamanian landscape. Wind and solar power provide the resort with electricity. Flashlights are needed after dark. While the forestry protects huge exotic bird populations, the indigenous flora and fauna remain in their natural states. The result is a setting that is natural, comfortable and elegant all at once.
To further protect the enviroment, Pacific Bay Resort has adopted the policy of opening only 2 weeks each month. The weeks are determine on a first come first served basis. We suggest making your reservations early to ensure a date that works for you. The weeks that we are closed we spend working and learning from the landscape.
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