Pacific Bay Resort


The resort is all-inclusive (beverages excluded) with current capacity for twenty four guests. Each cottage houses up to six guests in two entirely separate living quarters (up to three guests on each side). The cottages do not have air conditioning but have a fan to keep you cool. Both sides are complete with a private bathroom (with shower) and electricity.

The nearby ocean provides a soothing lullaby and a natural breeze that will drift you into sleep, relaxing your body and mind.

A gorgeous pathway lined with exotic plants and flowers leads guests from the cottages to the restaurant, gift shop, office and infirmary. It is a short walk from each cottage (You will need a flashlight at night). Golf carts are available to transport guests, if so desired.

So far in our development at Pacific Bay Resort, we have been able to dedicate a cottage to eight of the nine provinces of the country of Panama. The resort is designed to resemble the country, with each cottage in its appropriate geographical setting amongst the other provinces

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